Seminar “How to test and launch your electronic product” at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

On November 8, 2019, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences held a seminar “How to Test and Launch Your Electronics Product”, organized within the framework of the TEST-4-SME project. The TEST-4-SME project aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the manufacture of electronic equipment to accelerate and make product launches cheaper by providing a network of readily available and business-friendly product testing laboratories in the Baltic Sea Region.

In order to launch a product, during the design phase it is necessary to undergo various tests, obtain certification and ensure that the product meets certain standards. Often companies do not have information on the tests and standards they need to perform, do not have their own testing equipment and certified laboratories, or are not aware of the places where such tests can be performed.

The seminar was attended by representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, students of Electronics study program of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences and engineers of Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center to learn about product testing possibilities offered by TEST-4-SME network.

Electronics quality engineer Oskars Bormanis and certification engineer Aivis Ašmanis from LTD Mikrotīkls gave presentations about the electronics testing process and standards. In order to determine what standard requirements an electronic product meets, it is necessary to know clearly what the basic function of the product is, where it will be used and what the target market is. Attention should also be paid to technical characteristics such as weight, power, supply voltage. Visitors of the seminar also learned about the most popular directives for electronics products. Information was also provided on how the testing process takes place for the products of LTD Mikrotīkls and the importance of the testing process in the product development cycle.

Eva Fībiga, Senior Project Manager of Ventspils Business Incubator of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, spoke about the available business support and product export opportunities. Helpful information was provided on available support for small and medium-sized enterprises, business incubator programs and grant systems to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

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