Seminar for electronics SMEs “Why Solar energy has a future in Latvia?”

Riga Technical University (RTU) organized a seminar for electronics SMEs operating in Latvia at the end of March 2019. The title of the seminar was “Why Solar energy has a future in Latvia?” (Kāpēc saules enerģijai ir nākotne Latvijā?) and it was held on March 29 in Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre in Jūrmala, Latvia.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce attendees with testing options of different electronic technologies offered by RTU (Latvia) and ProTech (Lithuania). There were also presentations related to definition of solar energy potential, newest solar PV technologies and projects in Latvia. The main target audience was electronics SMEs, therefore the invitation were sent to SMEs list prepared by the Institute of Energy systems and Environment of the RTU (50 SMEs). Besides 200 different SMEs from the Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre contact list were informed about the event. The interest was high, 70 participants from 40 different SMEs and organizations participated. Participants represented mainly electronic SMEs and there were also some participants from municipal companies, energy producers and building managers. It shows that the use of innovative technologies become more and more relevant in different sectors. Participants showed their interest in various testing methods and discussion proved that existing legislation requirements for technology testing are not always proper to ensure high quality of a product.

The presentations and discussions were given in Latvian and English. All the presentations and the photos from the event are publicly available at

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