Consultations and referrals provided to SMEs

TEST-4-SME network partners offered consultations and referrals to SMEs on their testing needs. The scope of the consultations was advice on issues and guidance on performing electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, solar modules and other tests. The consultations and referrals were provided during the first three project periods (October 2017 – March 2019). As a project output, this will be a source of input about the situation, gaps, facilities and testing procedures in the Baltic Sea Region. A total of 47 consultations were given by e-mails, phone calls and physical meetings:

22 by University of Tartu | Estonia

7 by Riga Technical University | Latvia

6 by Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies | Lithuania

6 by Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd | Finland

4 by Hochschule Wismar | Germany

1 by University of Latvia | Latvia

1 by Ventspils University College | Latvia

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