Planned SME training in Lithuania “Innovative measurements for solar energy applications”

SME training in Lithuania will be held on 22nd of November, the scope of training is “Innovative measurements for solar energy applications”.
The main topics are planned to be about the novel Lithuanian technology of drones that is made to determine the solar modules design on the roofs. The drone demonstration during the event on the institute’s rooftop is also planned. Preliminary topics of training:
  • The use of drones for solar power plants design on the roofs of buildings – possibilities and advantages of the novel technology;
  • Demonstration of drones-based measurement and design technology for PROTECH building;
  • Real-time measurements of heat consumption in the multi-family houses;
  • Problems related with a peak consumption of electricity in residential houses;
  • Role of the Lithuanian Solar Energy Association in research and business cooperation in the field of solar energy.

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