Partner meeting in Finland

Meeting of project partners was held on 12-13 February in Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Kokkola and Ylivieska, Finland. Centria presented their activities and laboratories in Ylivieska and Kokkola as well as organized meeting with ECOLABNET project representatives. ECOLABNET focuses on building a collaboration network in Baltic Sea Region for supporting SMEs in sustainable product development.

During the meeting project outputs were presented and next steps were discussed. One of the main output was reports of online survey, the results about demand for testing services and gaps within the region were presented. Within the framework of the TEST-4-SME project, companies and enterprises, operating in the field of electronics and electronic equipment, were interviewed. The purpose of the survey was to analyse and identify weaknesses in the network, including technical competence or lack of necessary equipment, as well as to identify the need of small and medium-sized enterprises in testing electronic products and / or equipment in the Baltic Sea region. Important decisions were made on how to improve the communication with SMEs and how to expand the network.

Photo: Alise Ozarska

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