How to comply with requirements and role of testing in electronic product development

University of Tartu in cooperation of Metrosert AS organized an online training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the electronics industry. The seminar focused on requirements that products have to comply with, testing software and case study on lessons learned from real life experience in product development. The webinar was attended by 30 participants representing 19 different SMEs, universities and external experts and partners.

Presentations (in Estonian):

  • TEST-4-SME network of testing laboratories. Tiia Lillemaa, University of Tartu
  • Does my product meet the requirements for traceability of measurement results? Toomas Kübarsepp, Metrosert AS
  • Testing software in product development. Viljo Allik, University of Tartu Tartu Observatory
  • Overview of product development stages. Jaan Viru, Krakul OÜ / Crystalspace OÜ / Biig Technologies Inc.

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