TEST-4-SME Open Day was held on 7th of November 2018 in Ylivieska, Finland

Centria introduced to costumers the environmental testing laboratory at the Ylivieska Campus, presented Centria’s and TEST-4-SME networks product development services. In addition, RD Velho Ltd and Wärtsilä Ltd presented their experience in developing new products and importance of testing.

Centria proudly presented newest investment – 54m3 environmental chamber, which has capability to perform tests combining various environmental conditions, such as eg. salt, water, moisture, wind, heat, pressure and UV-light. In addition, the new environment enables versatile testing of larger size products. With the latest investments, it is possible to provide a better framework for performing product testing services.

The event gained large interest, it 11 companies and 2 business support organizations that participated at the event. All together there were 62 attendees. Many contacts were created and useful discussions were held with customers, which would help to cooperate in the future.

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