The most important Tech Trends for 2023

A new year brings up new chances and opportunities to answer societal and economic challenges. Reducing costs through IT optimisation, scaling networks to drive growth, and strategically realigning businesses are among the top technology trends for enterprises.

After all, there is growing uncertainty about how to overcome recent challenges stemming from supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine, skills shortages and a looming financial and economic crisis. To overcome them, some companies will cut costs, others will push their expansion plans, and still others will completely change their business strategy.

Forbes identified the Top 10 Tech Trends for this year:

  1. AI Everywhere
  2. Parts of the Metaverse will become real
  3. Progress in Web3
  4. Bridging the Digital and Physical World
  5. Increasingly Editable Nature
  6. Quantum Progress
  7. Progress in Green Technology
  8. Robots will become more human
  9. Progress in Autonomous System
  10. More Sustainable Technology

Under this trend, electronics become more and more important across several areas for our society being the backbone of this list.

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