MOOC Recording DONE!

In October, the TRAIN-ECO consortium implemented the recording of all courses and modules being implemented within the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on innovative and eco-sustainable Electronics.  

At the beginning of October, all partners came together at Tartu University to use its recording studio and equipment. The materials used have been carefully developed in the last year, including several smaller local events to test and elaborate the content with experts in electronics area. Thus, the course material is not only based on own research and theoretical justification, but also on experiences and best practices shared by experts.

Now, the video materials will be edited and cut, whereas the assignment being interactive parts of the course are currently in finalisation stage and shall be implemented very soon. This allows our project to start a testing phase of the MOOC at the beginning of 2023.


Short info on the course:

This course is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals working at Small and medium-sized enterprises (or SMEs) and start-ups in the field of electronics. The course is also meant for students of electronics engineering and related subjects. The goal of the course is to help entrepreneurs to learn more about development of innovative and eco-sustainable electronics products.

SMEs, including start-ups, form the backbone of European Union economy. Electronics SMEs in particular are important as it recognizes micro and nanoelectronics as one of the key enabling technologies. Nevertheless, the potential of SMEs to contribute to the EU economy has not been fully realized. There are growing issues of electronic waste containing toxic elements and low levels of use of secondary raw materials. Thus, electronics SMEs should be at the center of the efforts to move towards a greener economy. 

According to research, 70% of SMEs workers are not familiar with recent EU regulations and standards. Mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers and electronics technicians who are trained in narrow fields often lack the knowledge and skills to develop innovative and eco-sustainable products. Our course is designed to address this issue and offer a free comprehensive training on eco-design principles, structured approaches to innovative product development and quality control. 

This course consists of 6 modules covering different topics related to development of eco-sustainable electronics products. Each module has a pre-recorded video lecture that you can watch anytime and anywhere. There are no deadlines: feel free to move at your own pace and come back to the materials as many times as you need. After each module, you will be asked to complete a small assignment. It will be either a short quiz with few questions based on the lecture, a matching exercise, or a case study. We prepared different interesting assignments for you, so you can test your knowledge in a more interactive way. At the end of the course when you have completed all the assignments, you will receive a certificate.


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